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I saw God in learning how to drive.

It’s amazing how God guides us. He knows exactly what we want, from the reasons we fan(guy/girl) down to the deepest secrets that we have kept hidden in our hearts. He knows what is good and bad for us, and He knows all of us personally. That’s the beauty of our God, and I have seen that in learning how to drive today.

I was learning how to drive our Mini Cooper, since I can’t reach the brakes (and see well) in big cars. It was difficult at first, trying to remember how to do everything, but eventually I was able to drive three or so kilometers back to our house.

In that process, I saw how God guides us to do the right things, leading us to places and occasions where we will be happy. Sometimes there would be bad times, but that’s the bumpy road leading to something perfect.

It may not make sense to you, but I saw God in that event.

Where did you see God today?


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