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Thought-provoking Question 6.

#24: When you are 80-years-old, what will matter to you the most?

My family.


Family is super important to me. I am still dependent on my family for the things I need. I know that at this stage, typical teenagers usually want to stay away to be with their friends. I’m not in that category of typical, because I actually prefer the company of my family over the company of my friends. I just can’t help but feel out of place when I’m with the latter.

In a society that’s changing quickly, with media being a great influence, family ties become very important to me. I have a cousin who isn’t always with his parents, and he gets super mad when they don’t come to visit him (mad as in: “I wish my parents are miserable, because that’s how they make me feel”. And that comes from a 10 year old).

With broken families all around me and a bill for divorce waiting to be passed, I realize that I’m so blessed with this family God has given to me. Even though we are a well-off family, my parents still instill vital values in us kids, so when we face the real world, we have a strong foundation in our lives.

And it’s no surprise that when I’m 80, I’d be putting my family on the top of my “lifetime priority list”.

(This was supposedly for May 14.)


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