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Thought-provoking question 7.

#97: How would you describe ‘freedom’ in your own words?

It is doing what is right, true, and just, even though there are no rules or boundaries.


People are so tired of rules. They want freedom. What are they going to do once they’re “free”: take in drugs, have sex anywhere, kill anyone on the road, do improper things in certain occasions? That’s what a lot of people I know would do.

Seriously, what has happened to “doing what is right even when no one’s watching”? It’s probably somewhere in the trash bin now, and only a few people would actually stick to that saying. It makes me sad, really.

I hope that more people would do what is right, just, true, and peaceful, because when more people are influenced by this good trait, then we’d all get what we’re hoping for: world peace.

“Peace isn’t the absence of negatives but the presence of positives.” -Unknown


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