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Thought-provoking Question 8.

#21: If you had to teach something, what would you teach?

I would teach history.


I am fascinated by the past: How people lived without technology, how our countries have different cultures and traditions, why names of countries have changed, basically how we arrived at this moment in our lives.

I like opening my mind and heart by learning about someone’s roots. It teaches me to judge less and accept that everyone has their own views about life in itself. Even though I may have my own standards and criticisms for other people, I should know the whole story as to how they came to be that way. 

I like how people think that this universe was made by different gods or goddesses, how they influence humans’ lives, the back stories to certain beliefs or festivals or items. 

I like how people acknowledge and accept their roots, continuing to do what is good and forgetting about the wrong things their ancestors did. In today’s society, people may tend to do the opposite, like bringing feuds from the past into the present since they haven’t gotten over the issue several years ago. But that’s not everyone.

I’d like to tell my future students not to discriminate people based on their past, like how Asians or blacks may still be discriminated in some parts of the world, infamous people are used to generalize a whole race, etc.

But I think that the main reason as to why I’d like to teach history is to tell them that history is very important because we’re living in it. We are making our future, no matter how small or how big your deeds are.

This moment is now history.


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